About AGBA

The Algonquin Gateway Business Association is a community-based business association committed to instilling community pride and stimulating growth throughout the East Haliburton Highlands while encouraging responsible environmental care.

The Algonquin Gateway Business Association is based in East Haliburton Highlands, a physical area just south of Algonquin Park, including all of the Municipality of Highlands East and the Municipality of Dysart et al.


East Haliburton Highlands consists of several distinctive communities: Irondale, Gooderham, Tory Hill, Wilberforce, Harcourt, Highland Grove and Cardiff. The “Gateway” to Algonquin Park, the GeoCaching Capital of Canada and so much more.


Located less than two and a half hours from the Hwy 401 corridor in several directions, and the same from Ottawa, makes the area  easy to visit.


Members of the AGBA are proud of their community and are dedicated to improving business and promoting tourism throughout the region. We work together as members, and with other agencies, municipalities,  and tourism organizations to learn and grow.



The area has, and always will be, a place of serenity, and calls out to many just as it did to those pioneers so many years ago. Who can deny the incredible beauty of the rolling hills, the crystal clear lakes and streams, and the clean northern air? The great outdoors beckon those who are active in paddling, biking, fishing and hunting, hiking or just plain walking – and let us not forget those who are content just catching a glimpse of our incredible and diverse wildlife. Geocacher’s always find their way to The Geocaching Capital of Canada to enjoy an event or just to find a stash or two. The creative come here to photograph, film and paint in the great outdoors.


If you are visiting the area, plan to stay a while as there is plenty to discover. We offer comfortable accommodations, unique shopping, and some amazing events.


Do as little or as much as you want – everyone is welcome in our wonderful  four-season wonderland!

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AGBA Executive & Directors 2020/2021

Chair: Owen Trefry

Vice Chair: Janette Packard

Treasurer: Ann Corrigan

Secretary: Gladys Stoneham


Director: Barbara Kraus


Past Director: Don Critchley

Past Director: Linda Middleton

Proud member of

Engaged businesses continuously growing in strength, culture & community.