Landscaping, Tree Services & Road Maintenance

G.D. Sheehey Limited

1611 Loop Road

Tory Hill, ON K0L 2Y0       705-448-2074

Glen Sheehey

Year round property management.  Landscaping, lawn & flower bed maintenance, garden rototilling, brush hogging, wood splitting, posthole drilling, driveway maintenance – grading & dragging, snow blowing & plowing, residential & cottage checking.


Harcort Sand & Gravel

1029 Aggregate Trail

Harcourt, ON K0L 1X0      705-448-2968

Don Bamford cell 613-334-0809

All Types of aggregate available as well as landscaping rocks. Delivery available. Road grading & maintenance. We also build retaining walls to suit your needs.


OT Snow Removal

1013 Andersdon Road

Tory Hill, ON K0L 2Y0      705-754-5030

Owen Trefry

Reliable snow plowing & sanding/blowing. Reasonable rates. Driveway clearing & road opening.


Outram Tree Solutions

1107 Holmes Road

Wilberforce, ON K0L 3C0  705-340-3561

Jacob & Kelly Outram

Outram Tree Solutions was co-founded by brothers Jacob and Kelly Outram, who grew up in the tree business from an early age. As ISA Certified Arborists, our main objective is the keep properties safe from hazardous trees and limbs, either by pruning or in the worst case, tree removal. We also offer aesthetic pruning for sight lines, tree planting and consultation services as well as stump grinding and mulch delivery.




Schwandt Aggregate

1054 Packard Road, Box 17

Harcourt, On K0l 1X0      705-448-2942

Chester & Keaton Gadway

Schwandt Aggregate specializes in landscaping, septic installations, excavating and road maintenance. Large inventory of sand, gravel and stone products.  We have built our reputation through decades of reliable, fair, community-minded business starting in 1960.



Toye Tree Removal

1594 Loop Rd.

Tory Hill, ON  705-457-7570

Mike Toye

Tree removal; specialized in tree removal, landscaping, blasting, excavation, driveways, road building.



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